About Ozark Slow Food

About Ozark Slow Food

Dripping Springs Farm

Photo Courtesy Dripping Springs

Our Mission: To promote a sustainable farmer/consumer community and the celebration of healthy foods.  Read more about the mission and activities of Slow Food International and Slow Food USA, and consider becoming a member!

Green Beans Ozark Slow Food

Photo Courtesy of NCAT

The Slow Food movement is founded upon the concept of eco-gastronomy – a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet.

As we, in the last hundred years, have focused on convenience foods, we have lost many of our agricultural and food traditions. Protecting diversity in our foods, including heirloom vegetable species and livestock breeds, is important as our food supply becomes more homogenized and standardized.

Slow Food philosophy increases our awareness of and responsibility for our food, while enjoying the pleasures of the table and community. We respect our farmers and chefs that grow and prepare local foods, preserving food traditions and the flavors of regional cooking.

Marcy and Tomatoes Ozark Slow Food

Photo by Donna Masurra

And while we understand that supporting local food systems is important, we also want to ensure a global food system that is equitable. We strive to understand and achieve an ethical diet—one that is environmentally sensible and socially responsible.

Ozark Slow Food is a celebration of good, clean, and fair food. We believe that our food should be fresh, high quality and taste good; food should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal well-being or human health; and that producers should receive a fair compensation for their work.

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