The $5 Challenge

In August 2011, Slow Food USA launched The $5 Challenge campaign to “take back the value meal,” inviting people to prepare healthy meals that cost no more than $5 per person — because slow food doesn’t have to cost more than fast food.

The challenge came in response to 1) a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, 2) people eating more fast food than home-cooked meals, and 3) increasing rates of diet-related disease.

You can take the pledge here!

Ozark Slow Food will be launching a local $5 Challenge with two initiatives to support our mission: “Empowering the diverse population of our community to eat affordable, healthy foods by introducing them to ways of accessing, growing, and preparing locally grown foods.”

The initiatives are:

1) Cooking classes with a group meal afterwards for $5 per person. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.) The classes will focus on easy, delicious, local, and affordable. The long term goal is to teach people to access and cook local, fresh, healthy foods inexpensively and then, in turn, to teach others in their own neighborhoods to do the same. Access includes farmers markets, grocery stores that carry local and natural foods, community gardens, and for those who qualify, food pantries receiving fresh produce from Seeds That Feed.

2) Hosting larger community meals with cooking demos for $5 per person (again, no one will be turned away for lack of funds), inviting the local neighborhood, and focusing on those at risk of food insecurity.

Please let us know using the contact form¬†with the subject “$5 Challenge” if would be interested in taking classes or helping to organize these events. Once we have a show of hands, we will send out a poll to gauge best times and days.

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