Annual Volunteer Happy Hour April 5

Dear Foodies,

Come and join us for delightful seasonal tastings from David Lewis who has generously agreed to host our event once again! A cash bar will be offered.

Ozark Slow Food will be hosting our annual volunteer happy hour to discuss different initiatives and plans for 2012. This will give you the ability to volunteer according to the amount of time that you have available. We request RSVP to fayar48 AT yahoo DOT com* in order to plan for food.

Volunteer Happy Hour!
Thursday, April 5th
5:30-7:00 PM
Brick House Kitchen
1079 S. School Ave.

FayettevilleSlow Food: The history of the organization was rooted (no pun intended) in enjoying the conviviality of sharing food and supporting local food and traditions.
However, in recent years it has become apparent to many of us at Slow Food that if we want to have an effect on locally grown produce, if we want to ensure our supply and help farmers in other ways; then we need to be actively involved.

Let us remind you that American agriculture has changed tremendously in the past 60 years. Those of us that are older remember milk deliveries and the abundance of local food. Yes, times change and we can’t reinvent the past. However, a lot of these changes happened not because there was no demand for local food, but because Government policies along with corporate agriculture benefited the large producers versus small farmers. Policies that view food as just an energy source for the body with little regard for health, taste, or the environment.

If we work together we can help to have a positive impact and help create an environment where Government resources are fairly distributed. We can help insure that small farmers aren’t regulated out of business. We can help ourselves and our community by asking for a USDA that nurtures family farms.

We hope that you’ll join us in any way that you can in supporting sustainable agriculture and a local food economy!

David Mervis and the Ozark Slow Food Board

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